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Cincinnati, Ohio is probably not a must-see, but it's one of the largest cities in the Midwest, and that's a place to see.

Cincinnati is served by 71, Columbus and Louisville, with 71% of passengers flying to Cincinnati and the other 20% to Columbus, Indiana and Kentucky. Cincinnati is serving Cincinnati serves 71, Columbus and Louisville, the rest in Indianapolis, Kentucky and Indiana, the rest in Indiana.

Ogo at OTR, University of Cincinnati, Clifton and Northside, and the rest in Columbus, Indiana, Kentucky and Kentucky, the other 20% in Indiana and Indiana.

If you want to cross the river toward Kentucky, be sure to take the Southbank Shuttle, which circles the Riverfront on the Ohio and Kentucky sides. If you don't write about the American Sign Museum during your long weekend in Cincinnati, this place will sound weird. For those of you who want to cross the rivers to Louisville, Kentucky, there is the option of taking the Southbank Shuttle, which rotates around a riverfront promenade on either side of the Michigan and Ohio rivers and then crosses over to the Kentucky side. For those who wish to cross rivers in Kentucky, there is the option of either the Northside Shuttle or the Southside Shuttle.

The nearly 600-foot-tall Tower Observatory offers 360-degree views of the city of Cincinnati and its skyline. You can see the Great American Ballpark, where the Cincinnati Reds baseball team plays home games, and the Ohio River.

There are numerous tours to help you navigate downtown, and there are many great things to see in Cincinnati to stroll through, such as the Great American Ballpark and Cincinnati Zoo. Make a stop at the park's nature center and become a member of the Ohio State Park and Nature Center Passport Program. Whether you're looking to spend a weekend somewhere new or just a few days away from your home state of Ohio, there are a lot of things you can do here if you want to discover more of that state.

Discover some of the unusual things to do in Cincinnati, including the Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Zoo and the Ohio State Park and Nature Center Passport Program. For some great riverfront dining recommendations for Cincinnati, check out our list of 9 riverfront Cincinnati restaurants you're guaranteed to love. Cincinnati does everything from shopping and eating to shopping, eating and shopping.

Take an old-fashioned paddle-wheel boat on the Ohio River to enjoy sightseeing, wine tasting and live music. Spend a few hours with a local guide to get spectacular views of the city. Some of the hotspots in Cincinnati require reservations, but our local guides in Cincinnati are here to help. Then you have to plan your trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, and there are many great ways to do it a few weeks before your visit.

Spend a day in a different neighborhood, because according to our Cincinnati Traveling Guide 2017, Cincinnati is one of the top 10 cities to visit in 2017.

The Ohio River forms the southern border of the city and separates the state of Ohio from neighboring Kentucky and Indiana, but technically it belongs to Kentucky and not to Ohio. The area around the city is known by its neighborhood names: Mount Adams is east of the city along the Ohio River, Price Hill west of it, and Cincinnati is the place where thousands of slaves crossed the city for freedom. It is a fitting museum to call Cincinnati home, as it was the site of one of America's most famous slave-trade routes, the Underground Railroad, where over a thousand slaves cross the Ohio River to freedom in search of a better life.

Cincinnati is located on seven sloping hills and gives the southwest Ohio city a certain rolling charm. It is one of the most scenic cities in the United States.

The Kentucky side of the Ohio River also features a number of parks, many of which offer stunning views of the Cincinnati skyline. Devou Park is a great example of Cincinnati's smart planning for its waterfront. This magnificent city park, located on a 45-acre riverfront lot in downtown Ohio, is elevated to prevent flooding and provides fun and relaxation day and night.

Eden Park is one of the best places to visit on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River in Cincinnati. With spectacular views of the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati, Eden Park is one of the most scenic parks in Cincinnati. Eden Park has been a popular destination for outdoor recreation for many years, especially in summer.

Cincinnati is a riverside city with over 1.5 million inhabitants and one of the largest population centers in the USA. This medium-sized city retains its status as the second largest city in Ohio, which explains why millions of people visit Cincinnati, Ohio each year. Cincinnati has experienced phenomenal growth and has invested in its infrastructure, creating an even more exciting destination for visitors.

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