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A.J. Green (18) starts the second half of an NFL football game for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 14, 2016, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Bengals veteran took to social media immediately after his team's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 14, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Brown chose the name "Bengals" to commemorate the team of the same name that represented Cincinnati in the past. Cincinnati was a member of the AFL until the league merged with the NFL in 1970 and again in 1974.

After defeating the Bills in the AFC championship game, the Bengals went on the offensive against the 49ers and didn't get a championship after San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana scored in the last minute of a 20-16 victory. Cincinnati returned to the playoffs - shortening the 1982 season but losing in its first game of the postseason. The next season was similar, with the Cincinnati Bengals setting a record of 4-9-1.

Vonn Bell led Cincinnati in tackles, while Jessie Bates III had a team-high 73 solo tackles, while Carl Lawson had the team's highest 5.5 sacks this year. Cincinnati couldn't get anything going offensively, Baltimore's defense cracked at every level of the field. There were no notable snaps against the Bengals' run, but there were plenty of running plays, especially on third downs and short yardage situations.

The Bengals, meanwhile, have won two games in a row, scoring a combined 64 points against the Steelers and Texans. The Bengals have been surprisingly solid on the defensive end this season, allowing the fewest points per game (3.5) and yards per game (2.1).

The only silver lining is that the Bengals have held opponents to 110 yards or less in three of their last four games. The Ravens have allowed the fewest points per game (3.5) and yards per game (2.1) despite their defensive woes. The Bengals' defense has been burned, but that won't help their offense, even if the run comes into play. Meanwhile, with three straight wins and two consecutive victories against the Steelers and Texans, they have shown signs of a winning culture on offense.

The Bengals have a chance to prove themselves against one of the AFC North's best teams, the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have won four of their last five games against the Bengals, and they will try to extend that streak to five games and secure a playoff spot this week. There are two games to win and two games to lose, but I'm more concerned about the Ravens' winning streak than about the Cincinnati Bengals.

It will depend on whether the Bengals can establish the running game and contain the Eagles' speed on the outside lanes. I bet they can use that defense, though, if their wide receivers Ross Cockrell and Giovani Bernard play well together and stay healthy. Let's see if Baker can take Mayfield another step forward in 2020, and just hope he's ready for the next step in his career. I'm confident the Cincinnati Bengals will cover the enormous spread in the home side and The Ravens have the win to secure a playoff spot.

If you're a Bengals fan, check out the rumors, rankings and news from seizethedey here. ve compiled a list of what to expect when you visit the game here, as well as What I I expect to be there. I have never been to a Bengals game in Cincinnati, but the first football team called the Cincinnati Bengals started playing in Inincinnati, Ohio, in 1937.

The Bengals failed to win their first contest both times, but entered the playoffs for the first time in 1969 and lost in the first round that year. The Bengals made two playoff appearances in 1970 and their second playoff appearance, a loss to the New York Giants in 1971. In 1981, the Bengals won the first regular-season playoff game in the NFL and had their first two postseason victories, the following January Super Bowl XVI, where they lost to the San Francisco 49ers.

Coslet, who was replaced by Dick LeBeau in the mid-2000s, also had records in his first two seasons as head coach, but he also suffered the worst defeat of his career. The highlight of that period was the signing of a four-year, $1.5 million contract by Pro Bowl running back Eddie Lacy. But he couldn't prevent the Bengals from losing at least ten games in each season from 1998 to 2002. His best years came as a tackle drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals and considered the best offensive tackle in NFL history, and Munoz anchored their line for 13 seasons.

The Browns are very, very talented, so I would love the Bengals to make the best of the worst, but they can't really afford to have to replace everything else. They're going to earn huge sums in free agency, and Cincinnati's going to have a lot of great players who are willing to reverse their position. It would make sense for them to deal with something good and something bad and pay for those who were elite when they were good.

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