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The Hampton Inn & Suites Cincinnati Downtown is a beautiful new hotel located in the elegantly restored former Cincinnati Enquirer building in downtown Cincinnati. This stunning new hotel offsets the loss of the historic Westin Hotel in its original location with a new, beautiful, elegant and elegant hotel in a restored former Cincinnati En Inquirer building conveniently located near Downtownincinnati.

The new guest corridors are modernly furnished and illuminated, and the ADA-compliant hotel is located directly on the historic Fountain Square. The Westin Cincinnati is an ADA compliant downtown hotel in the heart of downtown. There is a beautiful art museum and theater on the block and there are nice restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and shops in downtown Cincinnati. While most guests would walk to the hotel, many will walk through the historic En Inquirer building and into the new hotel.

A free shuttle service to downtown Cincinnati is available weekdays, primarily for business travelers but also for tourists. The Westin Cincinnati offers many free amenities that make it a great value hotel, especially for families.

Guests who appreciate the comfort and value of a complimentary breakfast will find it in the Westin's breakfast bar, in the lobby and on the second floor of the hotel. We have rooms for a family of three or four children and we can accommodate up to four adults and two children in each of our suites.

Choose from one of the many options available at the Westin Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, or choose from a variety of other hotels in the Cincinnati area and across the country.

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The Cincinnati Port Authority owns and operates the Westin Hotel Cincinnati and other hotels in the Cincinnati area, as well as other hotels in Cincinnati, Ohio. SPPlus is operated by Siara Management, Inc., a global leader in hotel leasing and management.

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Enjoy free standard internet access and book your hotel room in the Westin Hotel's online reservation system. The hotel has a full range of facilities including a fitness centre, spa, gym and fitness equipment. If you check prices and rate hotels independently on this site, we can earn a small commission.

The hotel has spent more than $30 million improving the property to ensure it is in line with the Westin brand. The hotel is home to the newly completed renovated business center at Hyatt Regency Cincinnati. Overlooking the historic Brunnenplatz square, this hotel features a busy business district, a famous sports stadium and a state-of-the-art fitness centre and gym. In 2009, the Regencies Cincinnati at the Hyatt was renovated for $23 million to accommodate all the amenities modern travelers desire, including a full range of amenities including a gym, spa, gym, pool, fitness equipment and much more.

The time-lapse cameras would show downtown, strategically located between Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River, as well as the city skyline.

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