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Hostels and other budget accommodations may be hard to find in some areas, but rural Ohio has a number of unique hostels. Find some of the best hostels in Cincinnati and consider them an alternative to the usual hotels in the city or even other cities.

If you plan to stay in the North Cincinnati area for a while, Extended Stay America in Cincinnati - Fairfield is an excellent option that won't break the bank. Located in a small town in Cincinnati, this bed and breakfast offers a daily breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

The 22-story Downtown Hyatt offers a variety of amenities, including free Wi-Fi and a full bar. The Cincinnati Marriott North offers comfortable rooms in a beautiful, modern and contemporary building with a spacious lobby and private dining area.

The Hyatt Regency Cincinnati also offers take-away and go-out restaurants, including live jazz six nights a week. Quality Inn & Suites is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, just blocks from the Cincinnati Convention Center. You can also find it on the west side of the city, at the corner of West Main Street and South Main Avenue.

We compared 142 of the cheapest hotels in Cincinnati by using 38287 real guest reviews, so you don't have to pay for a hotel room. Use these line charts to calculate the cost of your North Cincinnati stay for your upcoming trip.

Visiting North Cincinnati is always a great idea, and good weather and festivals can make the area even more fun. In mid-May, visit the Buckeye BBQ Fest or the Great American Beer Festival in summer.

We have easy access to nearby destinations including Cincinnati International Airport, Ohio State University campus and University of Cincinnati Medical Center. All are less than 20 minutes away and all are easily accessible by train, bus or car from the hotel.

Cincinnati International Airport, Ohio State University campus and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center are all within walking distance.

Located just a short walk away in Cincinnati, USA, this hotel is convenient for commuters and convenient travel. There are nearly 3,200 hotel rooms, more than twice as many as in the entire city of Cincinnati and the second largest city in Ohio, behind Columbus.

If you want to get a little closer to the action, the Cincinnati Marriott North is a smart choice. Each room is furnished in studio style and features a fully equipped kitchen and a large kitchen that offers views of the city. This affordable and friendly hotel is ideal for a longer stay in Cincinnati and offers 2-star accommodations with private balconies. In the heart of downtown, just a short walk from the Ohio State University campus, you can book a room with all the amenities and features at one of Cincinnati's most popular hotels. The KY - Cincinnati airport with its private balcony and fully equipped kitchen is a great short-stay option.

Erlangen Behavioral Health Hospital is home to OrthoCincy, one of the largest orthopaedic surgeons in the state of Ohio with over 1,000 physicians. Learn more about the program criteria, including December 17, 2020, and more information about membership and membership options at the Cincinnati Marriott North.

In 1953, the company built its first hotel, the next three hotels covering the road to Memphis, and in 1953 the first of its first hotels in Memphis. In 1971, they built a new hotel in Olive Branch, Mississippi, to train new staff at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Mississippi State University Hospital.

In 1965, the chain introduced a centralized reservation system, which allowed visitors to a Holiday Inn to receive reservations for any other holiday inn location via a teleprinter, where they could also receive reservations via a teleprinter. The hotels focused on economy and limited service, offering only continental breakfasts and exercise rooms. Many were converted into Crowne Plaza hotels, with further marketing and advertising based on the Select name. Some existing hotels continued to operate under the "Holiday Inn Select" flag, but the Holiday Inn Corporation's directory described the hotels as "not part of our system."

The biggest differentiation was location, as the Express properties were found in a three-state area that included Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, while the upscale Holiday Inn was placed in an urban area, including downtown. The town of Erlanger, Kentucky, was located in the tri-state area including Kentucky - Ohio - Indiana. Other area attractions included Doe's ErLanger, located in northern Kentucky on the border of I-75 and I-275 and located south of Interstate 75 and Interstate 275 on the eastern side of Kentucky.

Located off Interstate 71, this hotel offers a variety of amenities including a restaurant, bar, indoor pool, outdoor pool and spa.

Whether you are here for business or pleasure, this North Cincinnati hotel has just what you need for your budget - a friendly stay. Whether you are visiting Ohio for business or pleasure, you will love this Ohio River and Cincinnati skyline hotel with its beautiful views. It offers stunning function rooms, a full-service restaurant, an outdoor pool and spa, and a host of amenities including a fitness centre.

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