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The Hampton Inn & Suites Cincinnati Downtown is a beautiful new hotel located in the elegantly restored former Cincinnati Enquirer building in downtown Cincinnati. This stunning new hotel offsets the loss of the historic downtown shopping mall with stunning views of the Cincinnati skyline from the top floor of a restored former Cincinnatian building conveniently located near downtown Ohio City.

Franklin Hotel is housed in a renovated historic building designed by architect Daniel Burnham and opened as a bank in 1901. The building was bought and renovated in 1934 by Frank Ellis, founder and president of Kent Ellis Incorporated, a real estate development company that renovated the building. In 1962 the hotel was run by FrankEllis and renamed Hotel Kent and Ellis. After changing owners and managers for a number of years, it struggled in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The previous hotel, the Revere Hotel, closed in 1899 and business people felt that a large modern hotel was needed to meet the needs of a growing industry and the emerging Kent State Normal College. Stevens' firm had previously designed several similar hotels, including the NRHP - a Grade II-listed Kent and Ellis hotel that had been under construction since 1919. Financial fortunes continued to decline when two more modern motels opened in Kent: the nearby Motor Inn, which became known as Inn Kent in 1964, and later the Kent Inn and Motel in 1967.

The building was sold to Joseph Bujack and converted into student flats for Kent State Normal College students, known as Towne House. He offered to let Portage County, which had been considering plans to convert it into apartments and retail, but that was rejected.

With 22,000 people living in the hotels, Gillette is waiting to find out if he will get long-term assisted living. Unaware where to find accommodation, Ellis picked up a member of the Catholic charity who put him and King in one of the Project Roomkey hotels.

We love visiting Ohio on business or vacation, and we love visiting Ohio on a business trip. Dining options include live jazz, breakfast, lunch and dinner six nights a week. If you check prices and rate hotels independently on this site, we can earn a small commission.

Guests who appreciate the convenience and value of a complimentary breakfast will find it at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, which also offers a breakfast menu including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Registration for the hotel is on the second floor, and rooms at the Hampton Inn Suites are located on either the ninth or fifteenth floors. The hotel has two - bedrooms, one - bathrooms, four - beds, five - stars hotel, where a family with three or four children can be accommodated.

The top four floors are damned, while the bottom floor has been home to a number of small businesses since the 2000s. The third floor houses the Kent Chamber of Commerce, which had offices in the building from the 1920s to the mid-1990s, and Ohio State University.

Although the Kent lacks ample parking and air conditioning, it offers great views of today's State Route 59. Known as the Eastwood Motor Inn, the hotel east of the city limits opened in the mid-1940s on the corner of East Main Street and West Main Avenue in Kent.

There are many free amenities that make it a great value for money, especially for families, and the hotel offers a superb view of the Cincinnati River and its many attractions. Free shuttles to downtown Cincinnati are offered weekdays, mainly for business travelers but also for tourists.

The hotel is conveniently located with easy access to all surrounding attractions, including the Cincinnati River and its many attractions, as well as downtown Cincinnati. While most guests would walk to the hotels, many would walk from downtown to their hotels. The hotels are just a short walk from many of the city's most popular restaurants and bars.

Take a culinary journey through the multifunctional marketplace or head to the glass lobby bar overlooking Lytle Park and enjoy the city skyline.

The Courtyard offers some features that most downtown Cincinnati hotels do not, such as a rooftop pool and outdoor terrace. The 21C Museum Hotel Cincinnatian is a great choice for art lovers who enjoy modern and traditional art. Connect with the local community by visiting the multi-venue Art Museum, which is connected to a boutique hotel and a restaurant with cooking facilities. Look for a decidedly different hotel experience and savour global culture in one of the most diverse and lively cities in the world with a variety of restaurants, bars and shops.

The hotel offers typical toiletries, but also supplies additional items such as toothbrushes and deodorants and lends items such as a mobile phone charger on request. This first-class hotel offers a full-service restaurant, rooftop pool and outdoor terrace overlooking downtown Cincinnati. The hotel is convenient for commuters and easy to travel and it is one of the cheapest hotels in the city with an average price of $1,500.

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