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The Cincinnati Bearcats led the Georgia Bulldogs for much of Friday's game in the Peach Bowl, but the Bulldogs made an amazing comeback, and it wouldn't hurt to thank Cincinnati for their help. The Cincinnati Bengals had a chance to end their last regular-season game with a win, only to blame their latest loss, a 35-31 loss to Georgia on Friday.

The Georgia Bulldogs converted a field goal with two seconds left to beat the No. The Bear Cats needed one last field goal to defeat Tulsa in their final regular-season game, a 31-28 victory.

In the following game, Cincinnati moved up to No. Pitt fell to 17th in the BCS final standings. Cincinnati, which was fifth in the B-CS standings, was the only team outside the BCA's top 10 to surpass a top-10 offense used by a Power 5 team in its last regular-season game. When they got the opportunity to take a swing at the Power Five heavyweights, they scored on all three of their first three possessions.

Cincinnati running back Jerome Ford had a 79-yard touchdown that gave the Bearcats a cushion as they entered the fourth quarter. Cincinnati had the better chances to turn the game around in the first game from the outset, but couldn't establish safety and raced into the end zone. A cartoon by John Paddy Reed shows a disheveled Kentucky Wildcat being pursued by a creature called the Cincinnati Bear Cat.

Lucy was a prominent figure at the University of Cincinnati and can be found on the Cincinnati Bear Cat Club Facebook page and the Bearcats Twitter account.

Mick Cronin's signing in 2006 brought UC back to national prominence and in 2007, the year before he went to UCLA, UC reached the NCAA tournament for the first time in the program's history. The Bearcats returned to the AAC Championship Game in 2009, beating Tulsa 52-48 to end the regular season with an unbeaten record. They finished the season in 12th place in the AP poll and were ranked No. 6 in the 2010 AP polls, led by quarterback Matt Leinart's return to his former position. Central Michigan was also preparing for a bowl appearance, and while Kelly was preparing the Bearcat in Cincinnati, much of his staff stayed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and coached the Chippewas in their bowl game against the Michigan State Spartans.

Kelly also became the first coach to win all three of the Bearcats' national championships. The Paddlewheel Trophy is a rivalry trophy created after the Bearcats joined the Pittsburgh Panthers in 2005, already part of the Big East Conference. Cincinnati dominated the field and scored just 1-0 in the first half. This game worked as a Big East championship game, as Cincinnati entered the conference as a member and then as an independent.

The walking kicker Jack Podlesny put in one of his best performances in Bearcats uniform, scoring four field goals and two field goal attempts to help Georgia to a 24-21 victory over the Cincinnati Bearcats.

In 1961 and 1962, the Bearcats won two of their three conference championships, both times against Ohio State. In 1961, Kelly led Cincinnati to its first victory over the Buckeyes in the Big Ten Conference championship game. Cincinnati defeated Ohio State 24-14 in the first game of the season and by the same score in 1962.

The most winning team in University of Cincinnati history was the 1961 Big Ten Conference champion Bearcats, who have played home games at historic Nippert Stadium since 1924. The school, which is part of the College of Arts and Sciences, a division of the Ohio State University system, has a long history of competing in the NCAA Division I National Championships and the National Junior College Athletic Association. It remains one of the best dance programs in the country and participates in both the US National Championship and the NCAA Regional Championships.

The team has had a small resurgence in recent years, scoring 98-56 in the last five seasons, with a 9-5 record in the Big Ten Conference and 7-4 in the Conference Play. They have won the national championship in all playoff, BCS and AP Poll games dating back to 1936.

There may never be a time for a G5 team to get so close to a playoff year, but the Cincinnati Bearcats are the team best placed to capitalize on it. The Cincinnati Bearcats have a championship to win, and they need to do it with time to spare if they want any chance of making it.

The Bearcats lost their first game of the season to the New Orleans Saints, 35-14, but their refusal to do so sparked a debate about how low the College Football Playoff committee rated the American Athletics Conference champion. The Bearcat fans and the seventh-ranked Bear Cats themselves in the college football rankings believe the Bear Cats themselves deserve a shot at a college football national title. If the committee wants to say that Cincinnati isn't hip enough for their little party, then they're going to do it right away.

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