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Cincinnati has been on my radar since I started recording the places that drive the national public art movement, and after a few visits there over the years, I have found that it is not only a haven for art lovers, but also a great place for art in general. From art galleries and galleries to boutiques and art fairs, Queen City has always had a place where you can see a wide variety of art, from fine arts to modern art and everything in between. There are a lot of great galleries, museums, galleries of all shapes and sizes in Cincinnati, as well as a number of galleries in the city itself.

M Murals are everywhere in Cincinnati, but you have to walk more than a few blocks to see many of the murals I have ever seen in my life. Mural hidden at the top of a building, hidden in a side street or hidden in the walls of buildings that can only be spied on from above if you stand higher. You cannot throw a stone without hitting three of them, and you cannot walk too far from the building without seeing them.

If you're interested in local art or buying jewelry or woodwork, the 5th Street Gallery is a must - a Cincy store. This gallery is particularly unique as the owners can give reviews, consult personal artworks and even introduce the artists to you. Art Collective is worth a walk, because you never know what fun might come next. The museum also offers a weekday tour, where visitors can observe signs made of neon tubes.

We are also pleased to welcome glass artist Amber Marshall to the Visual Index Crew and to see some new works by Didem Mert. If you want to see unique artworks produced by Cincinnatians, this is a prime place to visit.

Britni Bicknaver describes herself as a seventh-generation Cincinnati woman, and her artistic training reflects that background. She holds an MFA from the California College of Arts, has exhibited her ceramics and other ceramics work in over fifty venues across the country, is represented in Architectural Digest, represents the Cincinnati Art Museum and Ohio State University Museum of Art, and holds a Master's degree in Art History from the University of Cincinnati. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Didem Mert received his B.A. from Northern Kentucky and his M.S. in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati.

He has exhibited in solo shows at the Loveland, Colorado Museum and helped find Gallery 708 in Cincinnati on Walnut Street.

The museum offers visitors a unique insight into the art of emerging artists and a truly unique experience. The gallery offers something for everyone to admire, not only for art lovers, but also for artists of all ages and backgrounds.

But this is more than advertising and a true testimony to the quality of the art in the museum's collection and the city's commitment to art education.

There are a few outstanding individuals who are the motivating force behind the Cincinnati art scene, and we hope you'll check out some of our favorites. These are 10 local names you should know, all Ohioans who were born and raised in the city of Cincinnati or other parts of the state. It is a testament to how the Cincinnati art scene has moved forward to land us among America's top art destinations - a story we will share with our fellow travelers and art lovers alike. There's a woman - run nonprofit organization in Cincinnati called ArtWorks Cincinnati and it's inspiring, so we hope you take a look.

In total, the gallery supports over 130 artists and is actively working to help young artists build a professional portfolio and present them with exhibition opportunities in the United States.

Cincinnati lives and breathes art and roars proudly into the light that it cares about light, and we roar proudly that we care about that light. Located on the corner of East Main Street and West Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati, 21C is actively engaged in the development of art and culture in Cincinnati and other parts of Ohio. We have a large collection of Far Eastern art including ceramics, woodworking, sculpture and carvings, including utensils, statues, ceramics and textiles; we also have galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and London.

In addition to paintings and sculptures, we have a fantastic collection of photographs, which includes works by luminaries such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon and other titans of the photographic world spanning a century. European art, including works by painters such as Robert Rauschenberg and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, also has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, woodwork and textiles, as well as prints and photographs.

The Pendleton Arts District Brewery is owned by local entrepreneurs, one of whom is a partner and co-inventor of BLINK. It has an impressive collection of more than 3,000 artworks from around the world, and we will discuss the Cincinnati art scene while talking about the 3 Points Urban Brewery. We will soon have a comprehensive guide to beer, as well as an interview with the brewery's owner, Steve Lee. He and his wife have a huge collection of more than 3,000 pieces, which rotate from year to year in various objects.

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More About Cincinnati